Rural house "Los Lobos" - rural Tourism - Segovia

"There are another world, not so far from the city, where the sounds of silence, the strolls between pure air with scent to resin, sleeping soundly until the "chis-garabís" of the swallows in the eaves of the tile roof wakes up to us, already entered the morning, they are a pleasure, in the Rural house that "Los Lobos" manage in Sauquillo de Cabezas, to only 40 km. of Segovia, between Turégano (medieval castle, square with porticos) and Aguilafuente (first book printed in Spain, "mudéjar" apse of century XII, Roman villa).

In the village you can to visit the Romanesque blessed water basin of the parochial church of San Pedro Apóstol, of century XII, and the shields of the facades of which they were houses palaces of the Marqueses of Casablanca, gentlemen of Avial and the Cáceres, whose nobility was obtained in the reign of Carlos II by Don Juan Cáceres and Cáceres, born in Sauquillo de Cabezas. But if what the traveller is looking for is the spirit peace and the joy of the thought we recommended to him two routes on foot: the first one to the Poza Rubia, between groves, by a road in good conditions, and a second one a visit to “Pino Grande“ through the frond always green of the pine. There, in front of the centennial unit, you will receive a lesson of how stanching the wounds of the resinie bush, of how controlling to the tear of the flash, of how managing before the attacks of the c old northerly wind, with renewed energy and a desire to turn green again winter-proof.

When someone parks the car in the Salinas street (the name comes for passing through it the route that from Segovia led formerly to the Salt mines of Alcimón), he also leaves in the boot the haste, stress, the daily worries of the work, and he is transformed into a receptive and sensible person to taste those small things of the life, with rest and good use, as they are the reading next to the fire of the chimney, the encounter with himself, the simple discovery of inner peace."

Luis Domingo Delgado
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