Rural house Los Lobos is one of the lodgings adhered to the project TRINO (Rural Tourism of Interior and Ornithology)..

The project consists in offering a suitable supply to the ornithological tourism so the lovers of the birds find in the lodgings a place committed with the good practices, while they visit the zone in search of the sighting of the birds that can be found in the near places.

This lodging is in the zone of Tierra de Pinares Segoviana and very close of the house it is possible to gain access to the pinewood of the town in which several birds of interest inhabit, like for example white stork, black stork, "aguililla calzada", even, on this pine wood, sometimes it has been seen flutter a pair of imperial eagle. Also, in adjacent territories of work it can be seen species like the eaglet "cenizo" and the bustard.

In the garden of the own house the fluttering of the birds can be seen every day, even in some occasion has been seen some "abejaruco". To few kilometers there are "humedales" like "Lagunas de Cantalejo", where there are several observatories to see "zampullón chico", real heron, duck spoon, etcetera; and the Park of "Hoces" of the Duratón River with a great reserve of vultures.

All this information can be seen much more complete in the official Web of the project TRINO, in addition they are mentioned all ornithological zones of Castilla and Leon, as well as routes, birds and all concerning the project and the native ornithology of the region.

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