Interest Towns

Turégano to 7 kilometers. Important by its medieval castle that it dominates an ample square with porticos. It has several museums, typical neighborhood and abundant traditional gastronomical supply.

Pedraza to 30 kilometers. It preserves the medieval flavor by all its streets complemented by the intense aroma of its gastronomy.

Sepúlveda to 40 kilometers. Impressive villa conformed by several romantic churches, typical cooking and interpretation center of the Natural Park of the “Hoces” of the Duratón River.

Cantalejo to 22 kilometers. Neuralgic center of the zone at industrial and natural level because it is near the Duratón river, Cega river, Lakes of Cantalejo etc. In the past he was famous by its commercial relations around agriculture and the cattle breeding.

Aguilafuente to 5 kilometers. Cradle of “El Sinodal (first book printed in Spain), nobility houses and palaces. There is a Romanesque church that lodges a museum and another one with an important “Mudejar” apse.

Cuéllar to 45 kilometers. It is the greatest town of the province, there are celebrated the oldest running of bulls of Spain, it has a pretty castle that belonged to Dukes de Alburquerque and numerous churches of different architectonic styles.

Coca to 40 kilometers. Town of Roman origin that has a “Mudejar” castle of century XV.

La Granja de San Ildefonso to 45 kilometers. The Real Palace gardens are famous and it has the enchantment to be in the side of the mountain range of Guadarrama. It emphasizes the celebration of a baroque market and the visual spectacle of all the fountains of the Palace in operation.

Segovia to 35 kilometers. It has a great attractive and potential tourist that makes deserving of being City Patrimony of the Humanity: Roman aqueduct, Gothic Cathedral, Palace, several Churches and Monasteries etc.

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