The Place

Already has certainly of the first inhabitants of the place in the Romans time, because to about 2 km. of the urban helmet are the ruins of “Santa Lucia” between Aguilafuente and Sauquillo. The found rest are in the Archaeological Room located in the Romanesque Church of San Juan Bautista of Aguilafuente (to 5 km).

The parochial church of San Pedro Apostol is of Romanesque origin as it is interpreted of the arcs of the main facade and a beautiful Blessed Water Basin.

There are vestiges of three nobiliary houses of end of century XVII that belonged to Marqueses de Cáceres, Casablanca and the Aviales.

In century XIX the population was dedicated to the agriculture and the cattle ranch. Also they emphasized the obtained resources of the pine and their lumber industry.

At the moment agriculture subsists and young people dedicate themselves to the services and to work in near villages.

Zones of interest

Pine grove: Mar de Pinares.

Terrero: Important humid soil at the entrance of the village, with its spring of water, grove, fields of farming and the Central System to the bottom.

Poza Rubia: Natural spring in Fields of Castilla.


The local holidays are:

San Isidro Labrador: 15 of May.

San Antonio de Padua:
13 of June.

San Pedro Apóstol: 29 of June.

The Patronal Holidays are celebrated the last weekend of August after all one week of cultural activities.

Also it is necessary to emphasize that the Cultural Center San Pedro organizes activities throughout the year, especially in Easter, Carnivals, kings…

In spite of being a village there is own municipal government and medical center.

In addition there is bar, store of many products (nutrition, perfumery, cleanness, meat-market), bake house, industrial laundry, center with service of rural Internet, also there are several companies of building.

Church opened to the cult.
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