"Los Lobos" Bar

Already more than thirty years ago a new premises began to walk in the village of Sauquillo de Cabezas, to be exact the 18 of September of the year 1976. That day was the first one of the Patronal Holidays in honor to San Pedro Apóstol.

Since then till today it has passed so much… What good memories, also what bad; but always bearable.

And thus, walking, day after day, we have arrived up to here (always with the intention to follow ahead); it seems lie but we have arrived (who was going to say it to Carmen), and with the one of “up to here” we refer to arrive to the last technologies: WE ARE IN INTERNET!

This place has been witness of many things happened throughout the history of the village and mainly of their people: here baptisms, first blessed sacrament, weddings, anniversaries, unmarried goodbyes and a long list of others have been celebrated, without forgetting the great luncheons of the friends. In short, that always it had been at the good people disposal.

And we owe it to all, to all those that have entered into this bar and to all those that continue entering. Thanks, thank you very much because we have obtained it between all and for that reason I want to remind to all those people that see a bit of its house in this premises. We are delighted that you feel thus.

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